Book Clubs

Welcome, book clubs and classes! Below, you’ll find a collection of discussion prompts for BORN AT DAWN, the first book in the Da’Valia Trilogy. If you’d like to arrange a video chat with the author, please email me at, and I’d be happy to see if I can pop in during your next meeting!

9 Discussion Prompts for Your Book Club

  1. Did you identify any themes throughout the book?

2. What are your thoughts on the way Neva’s parents raised her?

3. What was your first impression of the book, and did that impression change as the story progressed?

4. What, if anything, surprised you?

5. What was your favorite character quote or line from the book?

6. Who was your favorite character and why?

7. What did you think of the setting? Did you notice any symbolism or visuals that related to any themes?

8. How do you think Neva’s love interests are reflective of her as a person?

9. How did you feel about the ending of the book? Do you think anything should have happened differently? What did you like?

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