Da’Valia Trilogy

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Book One: Born at Dawn

Her mother hid a deadly power inside her, now it’s been unleashed.

Dive into a rich, new fantasy world and join Neva Roberts, a 17-year-old half-human thief who dreams of making a name for herself, in this award-winning tale of self-acceptance. Neva has hidden who she really is her entire life, but she can’t hide any longer when the binding spell holding her powers at bay is broken. Swept up in a tale of intrigue and romance, she must seek out the Da’Valia, a fierce race of supernatural warriors, to gain control of her power. Will she be able to embrace her true nature in time to save her family and overcome dangerous enemies?

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$4.99 ebook | $14.99 paperback | $24.99 hardback | $17.49 audiobook

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Book Two: Blood, Fire & Mercy – Coming Nov. 10

She excels at running, but she won’t be able to hide forever.

Brace yourself for the second installment of the Da’Valia Trilogy! Neva’s adventure picks up after Born at Dawn with our favorite teen thief trying to revive her Lynx identity, but she’ll get far more than she bargained for with her next heist. Living in hiding, she’s been running from her past in more ways than one. Will she be able to forgive herself in time to win the race for the Sword of Elon?

Buy your copy on Amazon (Affiliate Link*) today! Signed copies available here – for a limited time.

$4.99 ebook | $15.99 paperback | $24.99 hardback

Book Three: Infinite Night – Coming 2022

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